We fund help for the common problems too big for anyone to own.

Our work helping people impacted by neurodegenerative diseases has already reached 500,000 people. And we hope to help many more.

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At Adira Foundation, we envision a world where people with neurodegenerative diseases are living fully.

At Adira Foundation, we envision a world where people with neurodegenerative diseases are living fully.

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Many groups focus on individual diseases and their unique traits, but we choose to focus on what they share and find solutions to common problems.

Adira is gathering and amplifying the voices of people impacted by neurodegenerative diseases, starting with five.

  • Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
  • ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

By listening and learning, we identify what individuals say they need — but aren't getting — and can step in with funding that makes a difference.

2021 Impact Report

We're just getting started.

Adira Foundation picked up speed in its second full year of programs. We grew in scale (from $100,000 in Round 1 competitive grants to $360,000 in Round 2) in donor diversity (adding new public foundation backers like BMSF) and in rigor, such as enhanced independent review of applications.

Yes we draw guidance from our Board of Directors, but we draw even more direction from our Sounding Board—our growing conversation with patients, families, and caregivers.

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Impacted Individuals

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Funded Investments

Who We Are

We want to make life easier for the sickest among us.

At Adira, we believe that life for most people is isolating and scary, especially when it comes to health—and that people living with neurodegenerative diseases and caregivers can live better and more connected lives. Dive deeper into our model, priorities, board, staff, advisories and more.

What We Do

Let's listen, learn and act—then listen some more.

Adira’s approach drives toward one outcome: better lives for people with neurodegenerative diseases. So we’ve learned to listen first, learn from those conversations and act to make healthcare navigation easier. Then we start the process over again with listening.

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2022 is our year of listening

We’ll hold conversations and events all year, culminating in a Neurodegenerative Disease Congress in Washington, D.C., in November.

Our Impact

We're more than just talk—we're ready to take action.

We take the time to listen to the voices in our community, and we use those conversations to advise the work we do. From much-needed grants to creating tools that connect patients to resources, we want to take the stress out of navigating the healthcare system.

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Dive deeper into what we’re doing to help.

No matter who you are, you can help. Explore more about our efforts so far and ways you can engage.

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Impact Report

Check out our Impact Report for a snapshot of our 2021 accomplishments.

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Find big announcements, grantee project updates, and other newsworthy events here.

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This year we’re hosting three listening events. Find out how you can support or sponsor them.

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