Keeping our community first in everything we do.

Our approach—listen, learn, act—means the point of view of the people most affected by neurodegenerative diseases comes first in everything we do. We talk to and learn from people living with these diseases and their loved ones and caregivers. Grants and investments are made in response to what we hear.


We have held two rounds of competitive grants: (1) Fast-Track Grants Response: COVID-19 and (2) Fall 2020 Pervasive Needs. Our third round, Fall 2021 Pervasive Needs, is currently underway.

Demonstration Projects

Adira is investing in several demonstration projects—these are evolving and changing as we partner, grow and change.

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Listening projects are always underway. Each one informs our program priorities.

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Research is a big part of the learning effort at Adira. We’ve studied quality of life and multilateral programming.

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