This week we announced the 12 grantees for Adira’s Fast-Track COVID-19 Response grants. And now we are asking for support to keep the project going. From my new home “office,” I shared a little about this on Twitter, and I invite you to view that below.

At Adira we understand that people with neurodegenerative diseases are faced with some of the most complicated, challenging and expensive diagnoses, and that has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

We know that the longest journey starts with the first small step, so that’s why we launched Adira’s Fast-Track COVID-19 Response. In the end, we funded 12 nonprofits around the U.S. for a range of vital services and I talk a little more about them in the video update below.

I believe that together, we can widen the circle to build this more communal world we all want to live in.

Learn more below. And you can find me on Twitter @GregSmiley1, for more of these updates.