Paul Martin worries about long-term care costs

Paul Martin: Looming costs of long-term care

By Paul Martin I am sole caregiver for my spouse, Linda, who began exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease around 2008 and is now in what I would describe as late stage 5—requiring more help choosing her daily outfits, and having trouble…

stories of impact - Jeff & Arby

Jeff and Arby: In praise of a service dog

New Horizons Service Dogs partners trained dogs with people in Florida experiencing health challenges, mostly wheelchair and mobility assistance. The nonprofit received a Fast-Track Response: COVID-19 grant from Adira to provide emergency…

Pat Angel

Pat Angel: Balancing life as a Parkinson's caregiver

“You cannot expect to be a hero … you have to recognize you are human.” — Patricia “Pat” Angel Patricia Angel has had many roles—teacher, wife, mother to a daughter and son-in-law, grandmother to a grandchild, and caregiver. Out of all of…