Most people are impacted by neurodegenerative disease—ND—at some point in their lives.

You may have one yourself—more than 8 million people live with one of the five diseases that Adira represents: Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. Millions more love someone who does. And still more work in these communities as care providers, advocates, social workers, clinicians, therapists, nurses, treatment inventors, government employees, the list goes on. As our population ages, these numbers will grow at a higher rate than ever before.

Throughout March, we want to demonstrate just how common this connection to ND is. And we need your help.

We also want to show you what inspires each of us personally at Adira in our mission to invest in better lives for people with ND. The more we see it and talk about it, the more quickly we can join together to take on the complex challenges that come along with these diseases.

So we’re launching a campaign called #Heart4ND. We’ll share our stories with you on our social media pages and this blog.

And we want you to add your own heartfelt stories to keep inspiring us and others.

To take part, you can do any, some, or all of the following:

  • Does neurodegenerative disease impact you? Share a selfie on your favorite social media channel(s) and tell us something that inspires you. Use the hashtag #Heart4ND.
  • Share a photo of someone impacted by neurodegenerative disease that you care about, or who cares about you on the social media feed of your choice. Tell us about that person and why they inspire you. Or, answer the question: Why do you think [your person’s name] has a “#Heart4ND”? Use the hashtag #Heart4ND.
  • Give a gift in honor of that person you care about. Then you can post a heartfelt tribute to them on the social media feed of your choice, to show your support. Your donation will help people with neurodegenerative diseases tell their own stories to impact our funding priorities.
  • Tag a friend to take part!
  • If you want us to consider sharing your story to Adira Foundation’s feed, be sure to tag us, make the post public, and include #Heart4ND.
  • Share your story through our website form and we will share it for you!

#heart4nd campaign