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The Nov. 17-18 ND Congress is the culmination of our yearlong conversations to design Adira’s fourth round of competitive grants. People who have lived expertise will finalize our request for proposals and shared approach to evaluation and sustainability in congress with people with career expertise.

In 2022, Adira’s fourth round of competitive grants will undergo top-to-bottom design through the Neurodegenerative Disease (ND) Congress.

See below how people who have lived expertise will discuss problems and solutions in congress with people with professional expertise who provide or fund such programs.

A year of listening

Adira invites people and organizations to come together to share, prioritize and fund needs, guided by the people most impacted by neurodegenerative diseases—those living with them and caregivers.

ND Congress purpose and goals

Purpose: To follow through on the main three elements of our work.

  • Building common goods and services.
  • Codesigned by people most impacted by ND.
  • Cofunded by a diverse, wide-ranging alliance of people and entities who want to invest in better lives for people with ND.

Goal: To reveal new funding opportunities to qualified nonprofit organizations that address those common, tougher problems that seem too large for any one group to own.

The ND Congress series is anchored by three events that reflect our listen, learn, act model:

  1. Listening—listening for which common needs seem to rise to the top and what better help might look like.
  2. Learning—A growing group of people will meet to reveal what services or solutions they have encountered that work, or would with some adjustment.
  3. Acting—Adira will reveal between three and five finalized grant opportunities and how much money we have raised to fund them.

Teams will meet between events to:

  • Codesign solutions to consider (February-June).
  • Consider how best to measure impact of the solutions (July-November).


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The events

The yearlong listening series is anchored by three events that reflect our model, to listen and learn before acting.

Pilot ND Congress

Jan. 20-21: Listen

The series began with a two-day pilot virtual event in January with about 30 participants who named eight priorities as needs they share in common.

What we heard

Extended Pilot ND Congress

June 16-17: Learn

In Denver, Colorado, (and online) attendees heard from people living with NDs and caregivers on existing solutions around the topics that surfaced in the pilot event.

Learn more

Full ND Congress

Nov. 17-18: Act

In Washington, D.C., Adira will reveal between three and five finalized grant opportunities and how much money we have raised to fund them.

Take action


We learn from a wide set of experts directly and indirectly impacting neurodegenerative disease care. Sometimes we learn by sponsoring research and reports. We also learn from partner and grantee projects and reports.

ND Congress is made possible thanks to our growing list of sponsors:

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Impact Report

See the highlights and impact of our listening, learning and acting work in 2020.

View Impact Report
Learn Icons 02

Quality of Life Report

We analyzed more than 50 common tools for measuring quality of life, made recommendations and are seeking input on how to best measure for people with neurodegenerative diseases.

View Quality of Life Report
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Multilateral White Paper

Adira explains the basis for its multilateral model based on other large-scale successes.

View White Paper
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GWU Report and Summary

George Washington University examined and analyzed best practices for Adira taken from integrated health successes like the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

View GWU Research


We act on the things people impacted say they need most—with events, research and demonstration projects, but primarily through our competitive grants program, Pervasive Needs Grants.

Competitive Grants

Adira is on its third round of competitive grants, Pervasive Needs Grants. The grants fund projects around the shared issues we heard from people in all five disease communities: simplifying clinical research, preparing for future threats to livelihood, thriving again in common pursuits, caregiver mental health, care navigation and coordination, community resource sharing and COVID-19.

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Grant Recipients

Adira has named 17 recipients through its completed rounds of competitive grants. The first round was an emergency response to COVID-19 that awarded 12 nonprofits across the country a total of $100,000 in March 2020. The second round awarded five nonprofits $360,000.

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Demonstration projects

In addition to competitive grants we fund projects with other organizations to demonstrate the kind of inventive projects that address cross-cutting needs among our five focus neurodegenerative diseases.

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