At Adira, sharing your lived experiences impacts real change.

Add your voice today! You can:

  • Join our Sounding Board, a low commitment way to offer feedback however you’d like.
  • Share your insights on what we should be funding in this 10-minute survey.
    More about the survey: If you are a person living with a neurodegenerative disease (ND) or a caregiver, your opinions and experiences directly inform our programs. We look to fund organizations that provide the best solutions to the things you say you need the most. This survey asks questions about your experience navigating the health care and social care systems, and the programs you think work best.
  • Join our grant review committee for our fall 2021 grants. Selected participants will be paid $1,000 each. Email the programs department for more information or to express interest.
  • For professionals: Take this survey on measuring quality of life in ND. Learn more here.

Find out more about the listening activities we’ve completed so far to inform our program priorities: