Dear friend,

I am excited to introduce a new effort to invest in better lives for people with neurodegenerative disease. Our organization, Adira Foundation, is aimed at uniting patient communities and sectors to take on the things that are far too hard to do alone, typically in disease-specific ways.

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Greg Smiley, CEO

I have lived this myself. When working overseas in 2013, I landed face-first on concrete in a high-speed cycling accident biking down a mountain road in South Africa. While an expert in teaching others to advocate for themselves, I was completely unready to do it for myself. The stakes were high, the decisions endless. Battling pain and fatigue, I lost confidence in what I was doing, always unsure if I were choosing wisely. Through 12 surgeries over five years, I discovered that no one was really leading my complicated recovery or guiding my path forward.

Through those experiences, I was inspired to build something like Adira. My sense is that most people feel the health response is often a maze of disjointed programs and gaps.

“Adira” means “strong, mighty.” We want to be brave enough to take on the hard stuff. We are focusing first on patients, their families and caregivers affected by five neurodegenerative diseases. They are some of the most complicated, challenging and expensive diagnoses: Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

We aspire to act collectively, not just advocate collectively. Adira pledges to work on commonalities and find strength in numbers, as well as strength in each other. By combining communities and reaching across sectors, we will add to what’s already working and hopefully fill some of those remaining gaps.

We see that the vast majority of help for people is designed from someone else’s point of view. With that, Adira is starting with patients, families and caregivers. We want to hear what’s working and what’s still missing. We want to hear what tools people envision would make navigating care easier and less isolating.

We hope you will sign up for emails from Adira on our Join page. For more, view our introduction to Adira.

We are very excited to begin this journey and hope to work with many of you along the way. Together, we can do better.

With hope,

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Greg Smiley
Founder, CEO
Adira Foundation