A message from Founder and CEO Greg Smiley

Adira Foundation asks people dealing with neurodegenerative diseases what they need but aren’t getting then funds the things most important to them. Common things. Worries that bedevil many but often get funded last, if at all: Caregiving; navigating systems; mental health; isolation. Fear is sinister; too much can freeze one in place. As among the most fearsome diagnoses, ALS, Alzheimer’s and related dementias, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s typically induce fear of loss of career, income, pride, identity, relationships, housing, and even life itself. Adira knows that we need to take all of those common issues on, to supplement the great help which already exists for those unique needs of each disease.

Adira Foundation picked up speed in its second full year of programs. We grew in scale (from $100,000 in Round 1 competitive grants to $360,000 in Round 2) in donor diversity (adding new public foundation backers like BMSF) and in rigor, such as enhanced independent review of applications.

Yes we draw guidance from our Board of Directors, but we draw even more direction from our Sounding Board—our growing conversation with patients, families, and caregivers.

Though in 2022 we are in different phases of executing Round 3 and Round 4, we happily present to you this snapshot in time, revealing the most remarkable aspects of Round 2 and many other notable projects. We thank you for supporting us in working for the common good.

View the 2021 Impact Report

If you’d like to review last year’s report, you can find it here.